THE OMEN  (2006)
Production Company: 20th Century Fox, 11:11 Mediaworks
Distributors: 20th Century Fox & 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Release date (USA): 6 June 2006

Director: John Moore
Screenplay: David Seltzer

Music Composed by Marco Beltrami
Orchestra Conducted by Pete Anthony
Performed by The London Session Orchestra & Metro Voices
Orchestrated by Pete Anthony, Bill Boston, Marcus Trumpp, Marco Beltrami & Dana Niu
Recorded and Mixed by John Kurlander
Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London, UK
Mixed at The Village Recorder
Assistant Engineers Richard Lancaster, Kevin Globerman & Chris Cozens
Music Editor Alex Gibson & Roy Prendergast
Orchestra Contracted by Isobel Griffiths
Music Preparation Victor Pesavento, Dave Hage & Matt Franko
Music Produced by Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders

Synopsis: When the Vatican observatory priest sees the appearance of a comet, the Church is sure that it confirms the eve of the Armageddon. Meanwhile, the USA President's godson Robert Thorn is informed in the maternity in Rome by Father Spiletto that his wife Katherine has just lost her baby and she had troubles with her uterus and would not have another pregnancy. Spiletto suggests Robert that another just born child that lost his mother could be the substituted for his son, and Robert accepts the child and gives the name of Damien. Robert is promoted to ambassador in London after a tragic accident. When Damien's nanny commits suicide in his birthday party, a substitute, Mrs. Baylock, comes to work and live with the family. Along the years, Katherine realizes that Damien is evil, while Robert is contacted by Father Brennan, who tells him that Damien is the son of devil...


Jerry was a master of economy. The 3-note motif that he devised for Damien provides the fundamental rhytmical and melodic basis for his entire score. Similarly, I needed a simple idea which could be developed throughout the score. It came in the form of the sound of a piano pedal simply being depressed and released. From that simple rhytm came a 4-note melodic fragment which then could also be transformed into the family theme; and when the notes are rearranged, we have the descending portentous investigation of mystery. I hope fans of Jerry's original Omen score will find this collection of cues a logical connection of ideas. It is the utmost respect to my old teacher that I celebrate his compositional ingenuity with this album. First I came up with my motifs and what I was going to do. This score came to me so fast it was unbelievable. I only spent two weeks writing the score. I probably spent about two weeks coming up with how I was going to crack the puzzle figuring out what I was going to do, working on it everyday, and as soon as I did that, I wrote it so fast. I had my theme, which is actually four-note theme. B, G sharp, G natural and A sharp. The Family theme came out of these four notes. You hear this in the montage, you hear it throughout the movie, whenever the husband and the wife are together like the scene when Damien is on the swing. From that came "The Damien Theme", which is descending figure based on the same notes, but arranged differently. They are descending instead of being played with intervals between them. It's not based on his particular character, but his impending doom. When I actually sat down to write to film, the first scene I composed was this montage, the home video when they bring Damien home in the beginning of the movie. This is expanded on those four notes into a theme, it's not just a motif, but it's probably the most developed theme in the film.

THE OMEN: Recording Sessions
Abbey Road Studios, London, UK


V A R E S E    S A R A B A N D E   (VSD-6736)

01. The Omen Main Titles (2:58)
02. The Adoption (4:12)
03. Ambassador Gets Fired (1:33)
04. New House / Damien’s Deliverance (2:20)
05. The Nanny’s Noose (2:05)
06. A Cross to Bear (2:49)
07. Ms. Baylock (1:50)
08. Damien’s Tantrum (1:52)
09. More Tantrums (2:12)
10. Kate Doubts (1:05)
11. Scooter (2:44)
12. Don’t Let Him Kill Me (1:29)
13. On the Heels of Spiletto (6:58)
14. Dogs in the Cemetery (2:02)
15. Drive to Bugenhagen (1:31)
16. Dirty Deeds (4:12)
17. Altar of Sacrifice (4:10) PDF
18. The Funeral (1:41)
19. Boy Genius (2:52)
20. Omen 76/06 (3:30)

Release date: 6 June 2006
Total Time: 55:50
Length of the Score: 121 minutes



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