Production Company: Lakeshore Entertainment, Screen Gems
Distributors: Screen Gems & Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Release date (USA): 20 January 2006

Director: Len Wiseman
Screenplay: Danny McBride
Based on the Story by Len Wiseman & Danny McBride

Music Composed by Marco Beltrami
Additional Music by Ceiri Torjussen, Marcus Trumpp & Dennis Smith
Orchestra Conducted by Marco Beltrami & Phil A. Pinot
Performed by Seattle Symphony Orchestra
Orchestrated by Tiffany Biscayne, Max Windhaim, Phil A. Pinot, Dennis Smith & Rici J. Sentoures
Recorded and Mixed by John Kurlander
Assistant Engineers Kory Kruckenberg & Scott Gutierez
Music Editor Denise Okimoto
Orchestra Contracted by David Sabee
Music Preparation Tiger Cummings, Robert Puff & Brandon Roberts

Music Produced by Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders

Synopsis: Underworld: Evolution continues the saga of war between the vampires and the Lycans. The film goes back to the beginnings of the ancient feud between the two tribes as Selene, the beautiful vampire heroine, and Michael, the lycan hybrid, try to unlock the secrets of their bloodlines. This will be a modern tale of action, intrigue and forbidden love, which takes them into the battle to end all wars as the immortals must finally face their retribution.


The medieval battle scene was driven primarily first and foremost by percusion, the big drums and then on top of that I used the orchestrra for the most part as a rhytmical body. The strings were playing rhytmically, the brass were playing very brassy, this sort of a... almost as a call to arms. There is countless times when you are fighting for something because you know that it's right and people just don't get it. But on this everybody was supportive, everyone knew. And the fact that we got to go and record this with an orchestra, when originally that wasn't supposed to be that way, is a testament to everyone believing in the film and me. It's exciting.

L A K E S H O R E     R E C O R D S  (LKS-338502)

01. Crawl (0:52)
02. Ol’Timey Music (4:58)
03. William Captured (0:55)
04. Previously... (2:18)
05. Safehouse 2 Crypt (4:12)
06. Stay (0:55)
07. Corvin’s Cruisin’ Crypt (3:11)
08. Morgue Medallion (2:43)
09. Mike to Tavern (1:29)
10. Mikey Doesn’t Like It (3:13)
11. Cue de Cilantro (2:15)
12. Trunkin’ (2:38)
13. Marcus Trumpped (0:19)
14. Marcus Hits Snooze (0:50)
15. Beware of Dog (3:54)
16. Shot Glass (1:53)
17. Family Values (4:29)
18. Marcus Taps Tannis (2:08)
19. Patricide (4:16)
20. Alexander Can Help (1:02)
21. He is My Sonshine (1:31)
22. Heli Ride (3:36)

23. William’s Castle (2:54)
24. Selene, William and Marcus (3:36)
25. Trying to Kill Will (0:59)
26. Kill Will 2 (2:10)
27. Marcus Trumpped Again (1:33)
28. The Future (2:34)

29. Something I Can Never Have (Trent Reznor) (4:58)
30. EracTou (Evin Key & Ken Hiwatt Marshall) (3:19)
Release date: 28 February 2006
Total Time: 75:55
Length of the Score: 109 minutes

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