RENFIELD  (2023)
Production Company: Universal Pictures, Skybound Entertainment
Distributors: Universal Pictures
Release date (USA): 14 April 2023

Director: Chris McKay
Screenplay: Ryan Ridley
Based on the Story by Robert Kirkman

Music Composed by Marco Beltrami
Additional Music by Marcus Trumpp & Miles Hankins
Orchestra Conducted by Sarah Hicks
Performed by The Skywalker Symphony Orchestra
Orchestrated by Pete Anthony, Richard Bronskill, Rossano Galante, Mark Graham, Andrew Kinney, Philip Klein & Jimin Park
Recorded by Leslie Ann Jones & Chandler Harrod
Additional Recording Engineer and Mixed by Tyson Lozensky
Recorded at Skywalker Sound, Marin County, CA; United Recording, Los Angeles, CA & Pianella Studios, Malibu, CA
Music Editor Jim Schultz, Julie Glaze Houlihan & Maarten Hofmeijer
Orchestra Contracted by Janet Ketchym & Peter Rotter
Choir Contractor Desiree Goyette
Music Preparation Mark Graham
& JoAnn Kane Music Service
Music Produced by Buck Sanders

Synopsis: The film centers on Renfield (Hoult), who has grown sick and tired of his centuries as Dracula’s (Cage) lackey. The henchman finds a new lease on life and maybe even redemption when he falls for feisty, perennially angry traffic cop Rebecca Quincy (Awkwafina).


What an amazing week we had at Skywalker Sound recording the score for RENFIELD. Skywalker Ranch is such a tranquil and inspiring place to work especially after all the rain we’ve had here in California. Thanks to Marcus Trumpp and Miles Hankins for their awesome contributions to the score and to my studio partner Buck Sanders. In the booth we had Leslie Ann Jones mixing with Jim Schultz doing music editing and the orchestra conducted by Sarah Hicks. It was also so nice to have my family around for the session, which is not always the case. Thanks to the amazing staff at Skywalker who make each visit so memorable. Special thanks to Josh Lowden and Eva Porter. Thanks to Universal Pictures and Universal Music Group, Mike Knobloch and Natalie Hayden for making our process streamlined and easy and to Samantha Nisenboim and Chris McKay for making such a fun film!

RENFIELD: Recording Sessions
Skywalker Studios, Marin County, CA (mid January 2023)


W A X W O R K S    R E C O R D S  (LP, WW188)

Back to the Beginning (1:20)
02. Wake and Bake (2:18)
03. Transitional Period (0:47)
04. Renfield Leaves Meeting (0:53)
05. Apache Joe (1:35)
06. Dragging Bodies (1:04)
07. Drac-Hole (2:06)
08. Los Lobos (1:30)
09. Mulates Arrival (2:10)
10. Rebecca and Renfield Kick Ass (2:01)
01. Sweet n Low Hero (1:50)
02. World Domination Plan (2:14)
03. Inspiration (1:11)
04. Teddy Meets Dracula (2:25)
05. You're the Monster Renfield (2:22)
06. Dracula Arrives at CODA (1:43)
07. Dracula Questions (0:54)
08. Let's Eat (1:49)
09. Renfield Mourns (1:02)

01. Rebecca's Escape (1:57)
02. Teddy in Dracula's Lair (1:38)
03. SWAT Team Ambush (1:25)
04. Hello Mr. Dracula (1:36)
05. Renfield and Rebecca (1:31)
06. Dracula in Renfield's Head (1:25)
07. The Familiar Battle (4:32)
08. Full Husk Emptied (1:16)
01. Rebecca Throws Shade (1:14)
02. Final Embrace (2:49)
03. Renfield's Affirmations (1:38)
04. We Can Be Heros (1:15)
05. A Patchy Carmen (1:30)
06. Renfield Blues (2:10)
07. Dracula's Gaze (3:59)
Release date (LP): 29 September 2023
Total Time: 61:09

Length of the Score: 78 minutes

Purchase links: Waxworks Records, Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon FR, Amazon DE

B A C K    L O T    M U S I C  (-DOWNLOAD ONLY-)

01. Back to the Beginning (1:20)
02. Wake and Bake (2:18)
03. Transitional Period (0:47)
04. Renfield Leaves Meeting (0:53)
05. Apache Joe (1:35)
06. Dragging Bodies (1:04)
07. Drac-Hole (2:06)
08. Los Lobos (1:30)
09. Mulates Arrival (2:10)
10. Rebecca and Renfield Kick Ass (2:01)
11. Sweet n Low Hero (1:50)
12. World Domination Plan (2:14)
13. Inspiration (1:11)
14. Teddy Meets Dracula (2:25)
15. You're the Monster Renfield (2:22)
16. Dracula Arrives at CODA (1:43)
17. Dracula Questions (0:54)
18. Let's Eat (1:49)
19. Renfield Mourns (1:02)
20. Rebecca's Escape (1:57)
21. Teddy in Dracula's Lair (1:38)
22. SWAT Team Ambush (1:25)
23. Hello Mr. Dracula (1:36)

24. Renfield and Rebecca (1:31)
25. Dracula in Renfield's Head (1:25)
26. The Familiar Battle (4:32)
27. Full Husk Emptied (1:16)
28. Rebecca Throws Shade (1:14)
29. Final Embrace (2:49)
30. Renfield's Affirmations (1:38)
31. We Can Be Heros (1:15)
32. A Patchy Carmen (1:30)
33. Renfield Blues (2:10)
34. Dracula's Gaze (3:59)
Release date: 14 April 2023
Total Time: 61:09

Purchase links: iTunes, Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon FR, Amazon DE, Spotify





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