RED EYE  (2005)
Production Company: DreamWorks, BenderSpink, Craven-Maddalena Films
Distributors: DreamWorks Distribution & DreamWorks Home Entertainment
Release date (USA): 19 August 2005

Director: Wes Craven
Screenplay: Carl Ellsworth
Based on the Story by Carl Ellsworth & Dan Foos

Music Composed by Marco Beltrami
Additional Music by Marcus Trumpp & Tom Hiel
Orchestra Conducted by Pete Anthony
Performed by The Hollywood Studio Symphony
Orchestrated by Rossano Galante, Christopher Guardino, Bill Boston, Carlos Rodriguez, Marcus Trumpp & Tom Hiel
Recorded and Mixed by John Kurlander
Assistant Engineer Ryan Robinson
Music Editor Alex Gibson & Denise Okimoto
Orchestra Contracted by Peter Rotter
Music Preparation Steven L. Smith, Mark Graham, Lars Clutterman & Jonathan A. Hughes

Music Produced by Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders

Synopsis: This is the story of a young resourceful heroine named Lisa Reisert who hates to fly, but the terror that awaits her on the night flight to Miami has nothing to do with a fear of flying! Upon boarding the plane, Lisa is trapped on a red-eye flight with a creepy villainous handsome and charming man by the name of Jackson Rippner, who's playing middle-man in the plot to assassinate a Homeland Security official. He's got her father pinned down by a would-be killer, using that advantage to coerce Lisa into phoning the luxury resort where she works and arranging to move the target into a pre-set position.


I was excited that we were all doing this together. Wes is a master at horror and manipulating the audience, and it was going to be great to have that opportunity in the service of a thriller. But where scoring horror is more of a ride where you're lookig for little things along the way to surprise the audience, suspense music needs to build up over time. That made it important to get some thematic stuff together right from the opening of RED EYE to musically present the characters, and let the audience know that they were going to be going on a thrill ride. I remember having a lot of fun with the brass players on this, because their work really pulled the score together. We used brass in a very different way from SCREAM, less with big sustains and triadic hard stuff and more with intricate and linear movement. The percussion was also a lot of fun, because you could make a lot of noise that really drove the score. I was eager to score RED EYE, because I knew it was a great way for Wes and me to show we could work together outside of  the horror movies that people associated us with. We have camaraderie in the filmmaking process where a lot of things are up in the air until they're done. The trust that Wes and Patrick had in me translated into my music in ways that went even above horror and suspense.

I N T R A D A    R E C O R D S  (Special Collection Vol. 315)

01. Main Title Sequence (2:05)
02. Arriving at the Airport (4:10)
03. A Friendly Gesture (1:15)
04. Waiting for the Flight (2:37)
05. Takeoff (1:58)
06. Changing Focus (10:11)
07. No Back-Up Plan (4:19)
08. Things that Go Bump in the Night (4:12)
09. Bathroom Interlude (4:13)
10. A Stolen Pen (2:18)
11. Landing (8:47)
12. The Pen is Mightier than the Sword (4:56)
13. Rocket Fishing (3:16)
14. Arriving at Home (2:04)
15. Jack’s Back (8:36)
16. End Credits (8:51)
The Extras
17. Arriving at the Airport, Pt. 1 - Alternate (2:23)
18. Jet Lag Gestures (2:31)

Release date: 14 April 2015
Total Time: 79:12
Length of the Score: 80 minutes


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