HIGHWAY 395  (2000)
Production Company: Castle Hill Productions
Distributors: Creative Light Worldwide
Release date (USA): 8 November 2000

Director: Fred Dryer
Screenplay: Derek Chase

Music Composed by Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders
Orchestra Conducted by Marco Beltrami
Performed by The Hollywood Studio Symphony
Orchestrated by Bill Boston & Rossano Galante
Recorded and Mixed by Casey Stone
Recorded at Signed Sound
Music Editor Ron Finn
Orchestra Contracted by Kenneth Watson
Music Preparation Bill Boston & Rossano Galante
Music Produced by Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders

Synopsis: Fred Dryer Productions presents HIGHWAY 395, a classic western and a modern thriller. Taking a hard-edged look at urban corruption, the frontier spirit, the need for individual responsibility is Sheriff Rawley Wade, played by Fred Dryer, a lawman under incredible professional pressure while facing difficult personal decisions. While focusing on his professional demands, he learns a valuable lesson about the importance of family.


The only specific comment I remember Fred making at the time was 'Unlike my politics, I like the notes at the left side of the piano.' I kept that in mind throughout the show and when I was working on this. I was just starting out as a composer and this was pretty close to what I envisioned working on a gig would be like. There was a real sense of camaraderie and support for what we were doing. Fed simply enjoyed seeing how we would interpret what he wanted and maybe asked for a rewrite or tweak of some cues. But honestly, I remember it was a very open and positive collaboration. Fred and Vic were always supportive of anything we wanted to try, and I really thought all our films would be exactly like this, except with bigger budgets. Well...

P E R S E V E R A N C E     R E C O R D S   (PRD 109)

01. Highway 395 Main Titles (5:17)
02. Rawley Jingle (0:30)
03. Swirling Mass of Shit (0:54)
04. Hunt for Lion Food (2:03)
05. Meth Cabin Blues (1:48)
06. Dodging the Bullet (0:59)
07. Violet’s Lair (2:08)
08. Violet Stops the Love (3:06)
09. Bodies ID (0:34)
10. Lou’s Swan Song (2:18)
11. New Dynasty (2:09)
12. Should Have Been a Doctor (1:01)
13. Swingin’ Darwin (0:58)
14. Shootout (1:57)
15. Old Man River / Mark Leaks It (6:31)
16. Gamblin’ (1:39)
17. Sour Kraut (3:48)
18. Funeral Wake (4:09)
19. Going Home (1:46)
20. You’re Quite the Cowboy (1:12)
21. Highway 395 End Credits (3:06)

Release date (CD): 16 June 2022
Total Time: 48:04
Length of the Score: 59 minutes

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