Production Company: 20th Century Fox, Constantin Film, Marvel Entertainment, Marv Films, Kinberg Genre, Genre Films, MPC
Distributors: 20th Century Fox & 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Release date (USA): 7 August 2015

Director: Josh Trank
Screenplay: Jeremy Slater, Simon Kinberg & Josh Trank
Based on the Comic Book by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Music Composed by Marco Beltrami
Additional Music by Philip Glass, Miles Hankins, Brandon Roberts & Marcus Trumpp
Orchestra Conducted by Pete Anthony
Performed by The Hollywood Studio Symphony
Orchestrated by Pete Anthony, Andrew Kinney, Jon Kull, Mark Graham, Rossano Galante, Dana Niu & Richard Bronskill
Recorded and Mixed by John Kurlander
Recorded at The Newman Scoring Stage, 20th Century Fox
Assistant Engineers Tyson Lozensky & Vincent Cirrilli
Music Editor Curt Sobel
Electroacoustic Design by Buck Sanders
Orchestra Contracted by Peter Rotter
Music Preparation Mark Graham, Victor Pesavento & Joe Zimmerman

Music Produced by Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders

Synopsis: A contemporary re-imagining of Marvel's original and longest-running superhero team, centers on four young outsiders who teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe, which alters their physical form in shocking ways. Their lives irrevocably upended, the team must learn to harness their daunting new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy.


Weíre sending sketches back and forth right now. Composing is pretty much a solitary business. Buck and I are unusual. Weíve been working together for 17 years. Itís sort of unique. Collaborating with somebody, sharing ideas, takes some time to get up to speed. One of the things I like is, as you work, you figure out thereís another way to approach it. Itís how you grow and learn. One of the challenges is that the movie is always in a state of flux. I still donít know if itís done. Sometimes later, especially when there are more CGI scenes, Iím not quite sure what is happening and writing for a scene that you arenít quite sure of. Also, coming up with a theme that would unify all of the characters together and it takes some exploration coming up with something for planet zero. When I started there wasnít any visual to go from so it was a challenge.

FANTASTIC FOUR: Recording Sessions
The Newman Scoring Stage, 20th Century Fox Studios (photos by Dan Goldwasser)


S O N Y    C L A S S I C A L  (88875096722)

01. Fantastic Four Prelude (5:16)
02. The Garage (2:26)
03. The Unveiling (1:03)
04. Baxter (2:45)
05. "All My Faith" (0:45)
06. The Lab (0:52)
07. Meeting of the Minds (0:52)
08. It Begins (0:34)
09. Building the Future (2:49)
10. Launch One (3:11)
11. Neil Armstrong (2:57)
12. Maiden Voyage (1:58)
13. Footprints (4:00)
14. "Run" (2:38) PDF
15. Ben's Drop (2:27)
16. Real World Applications (1:39)
17. Under Pressure (1:01)
18. The Search (1:58)
19. "You're Going to Like This One" (1:09)
20. Father and Son (1:49)
21. Return (2:42)
22. He's Awake (6:55)

23. Pursuit (3:01)
24. Strength in Numbers (5:17)
25. End Titles (6:15) 
Release date: 31 July 2015
Total Time: 66:29
Length of the Score: 104 minutes

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A T   T H E    M O V I E S   /   M U S I C   O N   V I N Y L   (LP, MOVATM058)

01. Fantastic Four Prelude (5:16)
02. The Garage (2:26)
03. The Unveiling (1:03)
04. Baxter (2:45)
05. "All My Faith" (0:45)
06. The Lab (0:52)
07. Meeting of the Minds (0:52)
08. It Begins (0:34)
09. Building the Future (2:49)
01. Launch One (3:11)
02. Neil Armstrong (2:57)
03. Maiden Voyage (1:58)
04. Footprints (4:00)
05. "Run" (2:38) PDF
06. Ben's Drop (2:27)
07. Real World Applications (1:39)
08. Under Pressure (1:01) 

01. The Search (1:58)
02. "You're Going to Like This One" (1:09)
03. Father and Son (1:49)
04. Return (2:42)
05. He's Awake (6:55)
01. Pursuit (3:01)
02. Strength in Numbers (5:17)
03. End Titles (6:15)  
Release date: 10 August 2015
Total Time: 66:29

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