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2017: March 07: New project: WACO (TVS)
From FMR: Marco Beltrami is set to compose the music for the upcoming Spike TV event mini-series Waco. The show is written by John Erick Dowdle & Drew Dowdle (No Escape) and stars Michael Shannon and Taylor Kitsch. The 6-parter is based on the true story of the 1993 FBI siege of a religious sect in Waco, Texas that resulted in the deadly shoot out and fire. John Erick Dowdle is also directing the series. The shooting expected to start this spring. No release date has been announced yet. For more info, visit TV Series Finale.

2017: March 07: LOGAN signing session
Marco Beltrami, Buck Sanders, Marcus Trumpp and Brandon Roberts will be attending special Q+A and signing session of CD release of Logan. The event will be held at Creature Features on April 1. For those who can't attend in person it will be possible to order a copy of the CD and have it signed by the participants. Pre-order your copy here and keep checking Creature Features store, which may offer more Marco Beltrami's album soon.

2017: February 28: RED EYE - last chance
Intrada Records' release of Marco Beltrami's score for RED EYE will be going out of print on March 13. Currently there is roughly 200 copies left... get yours if you haven't already and while you still can.

2017: February 23: LOGAN tracklist
Tracklist of upcoming LOGAN has been released and you can check it below. Total Time: 57:33

1. Main Titles (2:21)
2. Laura (2:24)
3. The Grim Reavers (1:32)
4. Old Man Logan (2:45)
5. Alternate Route to Mexico (1:23)
6. That's Not a Choo-Choo (2:13)
7. X-24 (2:46)
8. El Limo-nator (1:38)
9. Gabriella's Video (2:36)
10. To the Cemetery (0:55)
11. Goodnight Moon (1:55)
12. Farm Aid (3:11)
13. Feral Tween (3:34)

14. Driving to Mexico (1:42)
15. You Can't Break the Mould (1:07)
16. Up to Eden (1:51)
17. Beyond the Hills (2:09)
18. Into the Woods (3:09)
19. Forest Fight (2:30)
20. Logan vs. X-24 (4:13)
21. Don't Be What They Made You (2:04)
22. Eternum - Laura's Theme (3:35)
23. Logan's Limo (2:32)
24. Loco Logan (1:20)
25. Logan Drives (2:08)

2017: February 05: LOGAN soundtrack album
Lakeshore Records will release Marco Beltrami's score for LOGAN. Soundtrack album will be released digitally on March 3rd and physically on March 31st. You can pre-order the CD from Amazon. Sony Classical will release the CD in Europe approximately 2 weeks earlier - pre-order from Music Box Records. Here is the album cover as well as the first brief quote from early movie review published by The Hollywood Reporter: 

"Director of photography John Mathiesonís camerawork is keenly attuned to the storyís emotional textures, as is the fine score by Marco Beltrami, which incorporates brief churns of horror amid the melodic elegance."

2017: January 19: MATILDA sessions photos and trailer
Recording sessions for highly ancicipated MATILDA took place in early November in St. Petersburg with Valery Gergiev and Gavriel Heine conducting The Mariinsky (formerly Kirov) Orchestra. Marcus Trumpp and Anna Drubich provided additional music. The movie will be released in Russia on March 30th. So far there is no international (or soundtrack) release announced. Click on the images to load them in full resolution and check out the trailer below if you haven't yet...

2017: January 19: LOGAN sessions photos and new trailer, SIX premieres on History
JoAnne Kane Music Services recently posted two photos from LOGAN sessions on Twitter and you can check them below. Click on the images to display them in full resolution. You can also check brand new 2nd trailer for the movie, which will be released by 20th Century Fox on March 3rd. In other news History's SIX series premiered last night and will be broadcasted over the next 7 weeks every Wednesday. To find out more about the series, check its official website .


2017: January 14: LOGAN first clip
Director James Mangold posted first brief clip from the LOGAN sessions. You can watch it here .

2017: January 12: LOGAN currently recording...
Marco Beltrami is currently recording his score for LOGAN at The Newman Scoring Stage at 20th Century Fox.

2016: December 30: new project LOGAN
Marco Beltrami has reunited with director James Mandold and is currently scoring his Wolverine spin-off LOGAN, which is set for release on March 3rd, 2017. Set in the future, Logan and Professor Charles Xavier must cope with the loss of the X-Men when a corporation led by Nathaniel Essex is destroying the world leaving it to destruction, with Logan's healing abilities slowly fading away and Xavier's Alzheimer's forcing him to forget. Logan must defeat Nathaniel Essex with the help of a young girl named Laura Kinney, a female clone of Wolverine. Hugh Jackman reprises his most inconic role.



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