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2021: January 01: 2021 RELEASE SCHEDULE
With number of delayed project that have been completed last year, 2021 should bring a plenty of new projects hopefully accompanied by score albums as well.. Here is the complete list of currently known projects, which are set for release during 2021:

- CHAOS WALKING - co-composed by Brandon Roberts. The score was completed in Spring 2020. Lionsgate is expected to release the movie on March 5th. Visit Brandon Roberts' website for the first sample from the score.
- VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE - The score was recorded at the end of January 2021. Very little is known about the movie, which is currently set for release on June 25th.
- FEAR STREET Trilogy - co-composed by Anna Drubich. Netflix will release all three parts of the trilogy this summer. No dates have been confirmed, but the first part is also expected to be released at the end of June, with others following within a few weeks of each other (initially 2 weeks apart, possibly month apart).
- A QUIET PLACE: PART II - the score was recorded in February 2020 and the movie has been delayed several times since. Paramount is currently expected to release the film on September 17th. Soundtrack album is coming from Paramount Music (iTunes) and if another label will release it physically remains to be seen.
- AMERICAN NIGHT - the score was completed during Fall 2020. So far the movie has its release date announced for Italy only (22 October 2021), although it may appear earlier at various festivals and seek internatioanl distribution there.

There are some possible projects, which may still get released at the end of the year - eg SHADOWS IN MY EYES or third season of TWILIGHT ZONE (so far the series has been neither renewed, nor cancelled). Stay tuned for any updates, which will be posted as soon as available. Happy new year!


2021: February 05: Teaser: Marco Betlrami Bach Project
AMP Worldwide has released new teaser for Marco Beltrami's Bach Project. While the interview part of the video is taken directly from Marco Beltrami/Sandy Cameron interview from last year (see October 7th post), it also includes clips from various pieces, which weren't included in the previous video as well as number of previously unpublished videoclips from the sessions. Check it out below:

2021: January 26: VENOM 2 sessions
The recording of VENOM 2 has begun.

2021: January 25: A QUIET PLACE moves yet again
A QUIET PLACE PART II has been delayed yet again. New release date is currently set for September 17th. It is also possible CHAOS WALKING will be moved again from its currently announced March 5th release date, but nothing has been announced so far.

2021: January 14: New interview with Marcus Trumpp
New interview with Marcus Trumpp has been published last month by Cinema World. 20+ minute interview covers all of the recent projects including L'EMPEREUR DE PARIS, VELVET BUZZSAW, GEMINI MAN, LOVE AND MONSTERS, A QUITE PLACE: PART II and upcoming VENOM 2 as well as his latest solo projects. Unfortunately it is available in German only so if anyone would be capable of translating it or provide more detailed summary, please, let me know.





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